Visit to Domaine Weinbach : Top Class of Alsatian classicism !

On Saturday, March 23, 2013 the Alsace Wine Lovers Club visited Domaine Weinbach. We had the opportunity to confirm our already largely positive opinion of one the most famous vineyards in Alsace… but it was beyond our expectations…


Saturday, March 23, 2013 visit to « Domaine Weinbach »

Domaine Weinbach

Domaine Weinbach


The Weinbach is a former Capuchin convent dating from the 17th century. Faller family bought the former convent in the late 19th century and made ​​of the Weinbach wines – Weinbach means « river of wine » – one of the most prestigious wine domaines of Alsace.

Today Colette Faller, his daughters Catherine and Laurence, and his little son Theo leads the 30 hectares and 14 employees estate. The domaine is cultivated in organic and biodynamic.

It is carefully Catherine Faller greeted us in the beautiful old kitchen. After the usual introductions, we enjoyed tasting some of the most famous wines of the estate.



The honesty of the wine list

I always admire the coherence and cohesion of Weinbach’s slope + vine pairings. I guess that’s the reason why among the most prestigious Alsatian brands the Weinbach Domaine appear most regularly in my cellar.

Indeed, when a winner touches the top of a wine making, making a clear choice inthe pairing between grape varieties on each wyneyard is essential! It is the mark of greatest winemakers to do so. Because a Wine is either « terroir » or « varietal », but not both !

So the Faller’s pairings are following…

Alsace Grand Cru Schlossberg = Riesling
Alsace Altenbourg = Pinot Gris
Alsace Grand Cru Furstentum = Gewurztraminer
Alsace Grand Cru Mambourg = Gewurztraminer
Alsace Grand Cru Marckrain = Gewurztraminer


Dry or sweet wines, but class and purity as constants

Schlossberg means the Castle’s Hill (of Kaysersberg, not of Edimnburgh !), mythical terroir,premier grand cru classe in 1975, its wines are popular since the Middle Ages, the granite is an ideal playground for Riesling.

Dry wine lovers ever stop at the always beautiful Riesling Grand Cru Schlossberg Cuvee Ste Catherine.

Here we tasted the 2009 which has a depth of high class, and as usual purity is the mark of the house. The Alsace wine lover cares to encaver if only a few each year of this magical but classical wine. Definitively my favorite !


The Altenbourg sublime Pinot Gris

Beautiful notes of truffle!

Furstentum resplendent with Gewurztraminer

With those of Paul Blanck, the Weinbach’s Furstentum are among the greatest wines of Alsace, resplendent and very accessible, but certainly not as much sought it deserves

The Mambourg in harmony with the Gewurztraminer

We know the heavyness of this solar soil, but here even know Weinbach’s Mambourg keepes class and purity!

Overripe wines Wanted

The estate also offers a range of Late Harvest and Selection de Grains Nobles Wines

We reached there regularly levels of perfection that can be placed on the same level as Yquem (yes, i’ve tasted it too and a lot of time), in a different style of course.

The Alsace wine cellar we discover from time to time, and again, we were able to dive into the depth and finesse of the class is never overwritten by sugars, and this is the challenge that is worth gold!

We tasted the Sélection de Grains Nobles on a Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Mambourg … i just can say « God exists, His hidden in that bottle! »



Many Thanks to Catherine Faller for hosting us warmly and offer each year wines that are the archetype of wine Alace with the class, without bluff, great cuisine food wines that you can also pair with more simple food at home.

The Schlossberg - Autumn 2012

The Schlossberg – Autumn 2012

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