(E) What is a good Riesling?


Riesling should not be presented just as an aromatic wine, a varietal wine! This variety is often growed in high yield under the pretext that he is capable of. Riesling is often diluted, of fruity and citrus aromas, often poorly defined and with a hesitant balance. But the flavors are not specifically or typed as a Muscat, or pithy as a Gewurztraminer, or hot and beefy as a red sun-drenched Grenache.

Riesling is a grape variety that lends itself beautifully to the development of some of the greatest white wine terroirs. Only suitable and mastered vine conduction, from selected vines will lead to the expression of the exceptional terroir. The variety must be at the service of the wine. Its aromatic structure only needs to consider the peculiarities of the soil, and its subject matter should step aside to let express the terroir. The grape is a support, a support for expression beautiful varied terroirs in the northern vineyards perfect for its long maturation cycle is an essential parameter! It lends itself very well to a on lees maturation.

The result is a collection of superb wines, on limestone, marl, granite … wines that are grainy, thick, which various !

Taste the superb Alsace Riesling declined in a plethoric « grande suite » of fabulous wines !

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