Sipp Mack 23 03 2013

Sipp Mack 23 03 2013

The Sipp Mack estate is located in the heart of  the Alsace wyneyard. It yearly products 150 000 bottles of wine from 23 hectares vineyards, in organic viticulture.

Sipp Mack estate is in the top20 of Alsace wyneries.

The estate is operated by Laura and Jacques Sipp, now joined by junior Caroline, all of them are full of a « humble talent ».


Sipp Mack 23 03 2013

Sipp Mack 23 03 2013

The Sipp Mack winelist offers varietal wines and both Grands Crus wines on Osterberg and especially Rosacker. Of course, late harvest wines are there too!

We taste some wines and therefore the comments

Pinot Blanc Barrique : This Pinot Blanc growed in a cask like a Burgundy White Chardonnay. The smooth vanilla flavours are a perfect companion for this grape.

Pinot Noir Barrique : hum, there is one more Burgundy-style Pinot Noir, finnly toasted and roasted.

Grand Cru Rosacker Riesling :   2012 – 2011 – 2010 – 2009 – 2008 – 2005.

So well, that’s a fact : Rosacker makes great, great Wines if well done by the vintner. They have a strong and straight deepness, are mentholic, with stone under the thongue, very welle balanced and with a fine citrus in the acidity, and the caudalie is long, long, with a sensible minerality !

These are wines with a lot of harmony and finesse ! An amazing gastronomic wine to pair with the best dishes !


Sipp Mack 23 03 2013

Sipp Mack 23 03 2013

I keep fond memories of the time spent by the fire with these enthusiastic Sipp’s who are struggling every day to make one of the finest wine lists in Alsace, with a constancy and regularity which are sufficient in themselves.

Many Thanks to the Sipp family.

Sipp Mack 23 03 2013

Sipp Mack 23 03 2013

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